Windows 10 Insider Build 17074 for PC

Via Windows Blog, Microsoft as announced a new Windows 10 for PC build, via Fast Ring under the Windows Insider Program with the number 17074 . Behind the usual bug fixes, this build has a few new changes and functionalities.

Now, though Microsoft Store, you can choose your Language & Region in the dedicated section on the Settings app and they added Artificial Intelligence based in Machine Learning to improve your experience for Internacional Windows users.

On Microsoft Edge, they make some improves on “Hub” section. Now is more intuitive and gives more information to users. The EPUB, PDF and Reading View now have a new look, like a dark mode, improving your reading experience and now you can make some notes in your books, going to the pop-up menu and click “Notes” for you navigate though your annotations and highlights, among other features like new full-screen mode, improved roaming across devices, etc.

For the developers, the Microsoft Edge DevTools now can de docked vertically, clicking in the new “Dock Right” button. This was a Web Developers request, and Microsoft heard them. This feature is a must have in the browser to improve workflow.

Now for the Settings and UI, the Storage Settings, Disk Cleanup has been moved to Storage Settings to consolidate experiences and the Sound Settings now have a new page with more intuitive interface.

Microsoft also improved the Inputs, adding the Embedded Handwriting Panel, witch propose is to give to the users a new way to handwrite on Windows. Basically you can use your pen in a supported text field and start writing. The handwriting will be recognized and a pop-up will appear with some word options for what you want to write. This feature comes with Recognition Updates, for the users who wants to write in other languages and translate this ones for your native language, for example.

This was a quick look through this new build, highlighting some of the best new features. For the full list, check out the link on Windows Blog page for this build.

Image Source: Windows Blogs

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